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Thursday, November 25, 2010

My All Time Favorite Cover Songs

Theres something really great about a good cover song. I've always had a soft spot for cover songs, I truly love them ... a lot. It's something familiar but very different at the same time. I think its also really neat how something so familiar to you can seem so brand new at the same time as well. Then theres the cover songs that sneak up on you, you'll just be sitting there listening to music and something will catch your ear, you start paying a little bit more attention, then ... "HEY I KNOW THIS SONG!!" I think we have all had a moment kind of like that. Anyways here are my top ten favorite cover songs of all time, in no particular order. I have provided links for both the cover of the song and the original song.

10. Regina Spektor - No Surprises (Originally by Radiohead)
This shouldn't really surprise anyone. I mean Regian Spektor is amazing, Radiohead is amazing, how was this going to turn out even remotely bad?

(Cover - Original - )

9. Karen O and The Kids - Worried Shoes (Originally by Daniel Johnston)

This song is simply amazing. The lyrics are really clever and emotion filled. The original song is pretty good but then you get Karen O's angelic voice involved and then you really go something going!

(cover - Original - )

8. Muse - Feeling Good (Originally by Michael Buble)

So I'm not exactly a Michael Buble fan but I certainly am a fan of Muse! This song is really uplifting and totally sounds like a James Bond theme song.

(cover - Original - )

7. Flaming Lips Do Dark Side Of The Moon (Originally by Pink Floyd)

Ok so this one is actually an entire album being covered, and it features Henry Rollins, peaches, and Stardeath and The White Dwarves. This album is pretty brilliant and a total trip. For your consideration I have included their cover of Money as well as the original version by Pink Floyd.

(Cover - Original - )

6. Cake - I Will Survive (Originally By Gloria Gaynor)

Cake is awesome, this song is awesome. If your having a bad day you can just listen to this song and feel waaaayyyy better! If you don't like this song your an emotionless boring dull shell of a person.

(cover - Original - )

5. Taken By Trees - My Boys (Originally by Animal Collective)

I love the lyrics in this song, it's so simple. The song is just about desiring the necessities for his daughters, its so pure and honest. By the way this song was originally titled "My Girls" but in the cover its a girl singing so she changed it to boys.

(Cover - Original - )

4. Smashing Pumpkins - Landslide (Originally by Fleetwood Mac)

Its a classic, come on.

(Cover - Original - )

3. Glen Hansard amd Marketa Irglova - You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Originally by Bob Dylan)

Not exactly the most famous Dylan song, but its a really great song and deserves your time. Also Hansard has an incredible voice. This song is taken from the I'm Not There Soundtrack which, by the way, is incredible!!

(Cover - Original - )

2. Cat Power - Naked (If I Want To) (Originally by Moby Grape)

I've never really listened to the original song but I love me some Cat Power. Shes incredible and has a lot of great covers but this one is my favorite, easily. I like the lyrics a lot too. P.S. I'd let Cat Power walk down my street naked.

(Cover - Original - )

1. They Might Be Giants - New York City (Originally by Cub)

Most of you won't like this song, but that's ok, because I do. It's stupid and romantic and I love it. The original version is also a great song but I have and will always prefer the TMBG version.

(Cover - Original - )

So there you go! I hope you enjoyed my list! What are your favorite cover songs?


oh yeah I almost forgot, I have one more for you

The Shins - Wipe My Butt (Originally by Tim & Eric)

This is simply .... amazing

(Cover - Original - (this has some other tim and eric songs too but I couldn't find just Wipe My Butt) )

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